Congregation Needs and Concerns -

If you have a need or concern that you would like to have pastoral assistance with, or would like to have shared with the Hope congregation via all church email, please be sure to notify Pastor Tom or Laura Miller.We extend a warm greeting to everyone who enters the doors of Hope Covenant. Your presence makes the worship service more complete. Please sign the registration card located in your worship folder and place it in the offering plate. Thank you!

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March 4, 2018                                                                  10:30 am

Opening Worship: Revelation Song


Song of Worship: Give Us Clean Hands

Sharing Time

Morning Prayer

Scripture Reading - John 2:13-22

Offering/Song of Preparation: The Heart of Worship


Sermon - "Cleaning House"

Song of Response: O Come to the Altar



10:30 AM – Morning Worship Service. Pastor Tom preaching
11:45 AM – Fellowship

Tuesday, 2/13

6:30 PM -Small group dinner and study at Pastor Tom and Laura's

Wednesday, 2/14

Ash Wednesday

Sunday, 2/18
10:30 AM – Morning Worship Service, Pastor Tom preaching

Minister – Tom Miller

Ministers to the Community – The Hope Congregation

Hope Covenant Church, 8615 Spring Mill Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46260

Phone: 317-575-8161