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 "Let them praise His name with dancing . . ."

          Ps. 149:3

Footsteps of Hope is dance ministry of Hope Covenant; a unique group of dancers who have been called to glorify our Lord through the gift of dance. They have shared their dance ministry with Christian Conferences and Retreats, and many local and statewide churches including Christ the Savior Lutheran, Saint Luke’s Methodist, and Traders Point Christian Church.

They incorporate different styles of dance, such as ballet and modern, and dance to various types of music, including a mix of traditional hymns, praise songs, and contemporary music.

Footsteps of Hope’s mission is to worship, praise, and glorify Jesus Christ our Savior. We seek to express His truth and gospel through the gift of dance. 

If you would like invite Footsteps of Hope to your church, to share their dancing during your worship service, contact Debbie Masten @ (317) 575-8161. There is no fee, although love offerings are always gratefully accepted.